About Benjamin Vogt

If you’d like to look at my cv and review my publications, awards, and teaching experience of 10 years and over 35 university classes, please link here: http://bevogt.com/about.html.

I have a Ph.D. in both creative nonfiction and poetry (two dissertations), an M.F.A. in poetry, and a B.F.A in writing, lit, and French. I am the author of three poetry collections and a memoir, as well as two unpublished memoirs. I’ve won several fellowships and scholarships at the graduate and national levels, and my work has appeared in top literary journals. I’ve received two teaching awards from the University of Nebraska and have taught freshman and upper class composition (101, 150, 150H, 254), intro and advanced poetry writing (253, 353), intro to creative writing (250), intro to literature (180), short story lit (303) and poetry (302A) lit survey courses at UNL (I’ve also taught at Doane and Ohio State).

I also have two years experience working in marketing & advertising as a manager, leading a team of graphic and web designers, copywriters, database managers, and support staff.

Please email me at enfrancais@att.net

Why "Dig Deeper?" Students always give me a hard time by the end of the semester because they've heard me use this phrase a thousand times. And by the end, they know fully what it means, and I suspect it haunts them for the rest of their lives. That's the plan, anyway. Never stay on the surface--explore, open up, discover, bring the reader with you so they can bring their lives to the table, develop, dig, learn, and surprise yourself (make it mean something to you, and us). All of this makes for superior writing, whether it's creative writing, academic jargon, a resume, or a love note.